Max shot 1

Well hey there!
I’m Max.

A few pieces of info about me:

•I’m the Chief Hustler and co-founder of WorkHound, a software platform built to tackle the 48K driver shortage and 97% driver turnover in the trucking industry. We give drivers a voice, give companies insights, and the tools to take action.
•Before that, I launched Create Reason, an innovation experience consulting firm. The goal of CR’s programs is to empower employees to become intrapreneurs.
•Formerly Business Development / Utility Player at Dwolla for 2+ years
•Facilitator and organizer for 13x Startup Weekends around the United States
•From Little Rock, AR
•Based in Des Moines, IA, but spend a lot of time on the road
•Grinnell College grad
•Good ole’ boy / duck hunter
•I rap good in my spare time
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